Webinar series

Children’s Rights in Palestine, Touching base on Palestinian Child’s Day

Defence for Children International (DCI) launched a series of webinars on 5th April 2024, International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian Child, to raise awareness about the rights of Palestinian children.

The subsequent webinars are scheduled for 8th May, 17th May, and 31st May, with a hybrid meeting near Geneva on 2nd May, coinciding with the Annual Rafto Prize meeting of laureates. DCI-Palestine is the 2023 Rafto Prize Laureate.

The webinars bring together a range of high-level expert Palestinian and international speakers to discuss how best to support Palestinian children,

meet their immediate needs, start healing the harms caused, provide pathways to a sense of justice and accountability, and ensure their rights are respected and implemented.

8th May 2024, 14:00 – 16:00 CEST


Moderator: Pippo Costella, Director of DCI-Italy

  • Prof. Jaap Doek, The Rights Forum, Former Chair of the UNCRC
  • Dr. Moushira Khattab, former member of the African Committee of Experts for the Rights and Wellbeing of the Child (ACERWC), President of the Egyptian National Council for Human Rights (NCHR).
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Action points:

  1. Collaborate and Mobilise: Coordinate efforts among NGOs and civil society to push for concrete actions within the next four weeks. Mobilise support for comprehensive Concluding Observations from the Committee on the Rights of the Child in September, urging states to halt weapon deliveries to Israel.
  1. Support Academic Freedom: Condemn the crackdown on freedom of speech for academics, such as the arrest of Prof. Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian, and support university protests against such actions.
  1. International Responsibility Awareness: Raise awareness about the responsibility of third-party states in preventing and addressing genocide against Palestinian children and advocate for adequate international response without double standards.
  1. Legal Action for Accountability: Pursue legal avenues, like the Netherlands’ NGO initiatives, to halt the transfer of weapons to Israel. Encourage international child rights organisations to campaign for states to cease weapon deliveries to Israel.
  2. Advocate for Palestinian Statehood: Mobilise European civil society and international NGOs to pressure Western democracies to support Palestinian statehood. Utilise UN mechanisms like the “Uniting for Peace” resolution to challenge the Security Council’s inertia.
  1. Knowledge Deepening Webinars: Continue organising webinars with various speakers to deepen understanding of the Palestinian situation, focusing on the impact of military occupation in the West Bank and the unfolding genocide in Gaza, as well as the responsibilities of states to protect children’s rights.

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