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Make a difference!

A will or testamentary disposition ensures that your wishes are carried out. It is an expression of your values and the causes you care about. A gift in your will is an investment in the future and can make a real difference. Your gift can keep a child safe from violence and provide the child with access to child-friendly resources. These resources assist the children in a wide variety of challenging scenarios. You can help a child survive and thrive and achieve his/her full capabilities. DCI needs your donation to fulfil its mandate of protecting and advocating for children’s rights.

Imagine your legacy!

Imagine a world where children’s rights are respected. Imagine a just society where solidarity and respect for human rights are flourishing and all children know and enjoy their rights. Defence for Children International (DCI) works every day to ensure that children are heard and involved in all decisions that affect them. It is DCI’s overarching priority to bring justice to all children whose rights are violated and to create spaces for children to be heard and accepted as driving force for change.


  • Through a bequest, you can leave DCI a fixed sum of money or specific assets (such as property, works of art, etc.). Legacies are always received before the inheritance is divided.
  • By appointing DCI as your heir, you can leave all or a specific part of your estate to DCI. As a rule, the inheritance is managed by the heirs themselves, who are responsible for its distribution and for the delivery of legacies, provided that no executor has been appointed.
  • By making DCI the beneficiary of an insurance policy, you can leave part of the money you have accumulated through a pension, death benefit or pension insurance to DCI. You can arrange this with any insurance policy. We advise you to inform the beneficiaries yourself (e.g. by sending them a copy), as the insurer is not obliged to inform them.
  • Through a gift or pledge, you can provide DCI with a specific amount of money at a time of your choosing. You can do this during your lifetime. The amount donated may be partially deducted from your taxable assets.

Defence for Children International is a registered non-profit organisation under Swiss law, exempted from taxes. Its members are grassroot organisations in over 30 countries around the world

We know how important is the human contact when making an important financial decision. If you need more information about leaving a legacy gift for Defence for Children International you can contact DCI’s Executive Director directly.

Alex Kamarotos
Executive Director

Tel: 0041 22 (0)76 625 82 44

Rue de Varembé 1
1202 Genève Suisse



  • You can include Defence for Children International in your will alongside your family and friends.
  • Your will can be changed to suit your situation, your wishes or your intentions at any time and as many times as you wish. However, do not forget to revoke your previous wills to avoid any problems of interpretation.
  • If there are no legal heirs and you have not made any testamentary provisions, your property becomes the property of the state.
  • Defence for Children International is a recognised tax-exempt charity based in the Canton of Geneva – Switzerland. This means that all your legacies and inheritances will be used to directly support the promotion of children’s human rights around the world.
  • On behalf of all those children who will receive your help through your will, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Thank you for leaving a legacy gift in your will to Defence for Children International. This gift will contribute to making a child’s life brighter.

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