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Defence for Children International (DCI) is a leading child rights-focused and membership-based grassroots movement founded in 1979. Our vision: children, as human beings, are able to pursue a life in which they can enjoy their human rights with dignity, in a just and responsible society. In all we do, we work in a transparent, accountable, sustainable and socially transformative way. With your donation, we can keep up protecting and advocating for children’s rights worldwide.

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Imagine: a world where children’s rights are respected and a just society where solidarity and respect for human rights are flourishing and all children know and enjoy their rights. Defence for Children International (DCI) works every day to ensure that children are heard and involved in all decisions that affect them. It is DCI’s overarching priority to bring justice to all children whose rights are violated and to create spaces for children to be heard and accepted as driving force for change.

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Corine Aartman - Individual donor of DCI

“The work of Defense for Children is important to me because DCI works on issues that are not necessarily ‘sexy’, yet are the core of children’s safety and wellbeing. Demanding policymakers to take responsibility of what’s happening to children who on the move, or in prison. These children they need to be heard and their rights need to be upheld. The fact that DCI works both at micro and at macro level, e.g. with individual migrant children as well as give input to policy making at a global level, makes them unique. What they do is far from easy, but they keep at it, with dogged determination. With people on the ground, many of them volunteers, they gather these stories and data from all over the world and report on it. I admire them and have decided to support DCI’s mission by contributing some of my time and money. I hope many people will join me in supporting them. Because every child has a right to grow up in a safe and nurturing environment, to use her/his voice and to lead a fulfilling life. …”

Children must be able to enjoy and exercise their rights in a just and responsible society that respects their dignity. By donating to Defence for Children International, you contribute to protecting children, enhancing their rights, helping them live a fulfilling life and realising their full potential.

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