How COVID-19 affects Children deprived of liberty

by Sasha Richards, DCI Sécretariat Geneva, Switzerland - While children are not  the primary victims of COVID-19, they are one of the primary victims of numerous indirect consequences brought on by the global pandemic. As isolation and confinement measures increase across the … Continued

Sierra Leone lifts school ban on pregnant girls for post-coronavirus

As a protective measure during the Ebola epidemic in West Africa (2013-2016), Sierra Leone in 2015 officially banned pregnant girls from attending school. During the epidemic, thousands of orphans whose parents died of Ebola turned to prostitution and street trading to survive, according to DCI-Sierra Leone. Some 14,000 adolescent … Continued

Children in armed conflict : Growing up in Yemeni Civil War

Sana’a, Yemen - The Yemeni Civil War has caused insurmountable hardships and suffering on Yemeni children.  Some are assassinated in the streets, some others are tasked with the labour of collecting water, and others are learning amidst the rubble of destroyed schools. While some children are killed, those who survived are plagued by … Continued

A statement from inside Moria

Tweet Article from DCI - Greece DCI’s National Section in Greece (DCI-Greece) continues its activities protecting unaccompanied migrant children. The situation has been deteriorating during 2020, while recently Greek authorities have halted the registration of new asylum cases. Indeed, unaccompanied children who arrived after March 1st remain unidentified and live in inappropriate living conditions while there hardly any measure related … Continued

Defence for Children International response to COVID-19

  Read how Defence for Children International is adapting its activities in response to the pandemic and and how National Sections are addressing the COVID-19 in the reports, articles, webinars listed below. This page will be regularly updated.   DCI GLOBAL … Continued

Global Report on COVID-19

Defence for Children International conducted a global survey on the impact of COVID-19 on children rights. Each child is affected by COVID-19 directly or indirectly. The current health crisis is also accompanied by an economic crisis which complicates the mobilisation … Continued

DCI Annual Report 2019

The DCI Movement works towards full implementation of the UNCRC worldwide. As a child rights organisation with local roots and global impact, our Movement has unique expertise and positioning. Our Annual Report gathers together all main activities and projects carried … Continued