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Webinar series

Children’s Rights in Palestine, Touching base on Palestinian Child’s Day

Defence for Children International (DCI) launched a series of webinars on 5th April 2024, International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian Child, to raise awareness about the rights of Palestinian children.

The subsequent webinars are scheduled for 8th May, 17th May, and 31st May, with a hybrid meeting near Geneva on 2nd May, coinciding with the Annual Rafto Prize meeting of laureates. DCI-Palestine is the 2023 Rafto Prize Laureate.

5 April 2024, 2 to 4 PM (CEST)


The first webinar was moderated by

  • Margaret Tuite, Vice-President of Defence for Children International (DCI) Movement
  • and included Khaled Quzmar, General Director of DCI-Palestine; 
  • Dr. Luigi Daniele, Senior Lecturer at Nottingham Law School; 
  • Francesca Albanese, UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967,
  • Javier Aguilar, Regional Child Protection Adviser at UNICEF;
  • and Benoit Van Keirsbilck, Member of the UNCRC.


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Action points:

  1. Advocate loudly for accountability systems to halt human and child rights violations, recognising the urgent need to address ongoing suffering endured by Palestinian children since 1948.
  2. Initiate legal action in states supporting Israel to hold them accountable for their involvement in the conflict, and push for international criminal justice mechanisms to address atrocities committed against Palestinian children.
  3. Support the role of international criminal justice in preventing atrocities by urging the Office of the Prosecutor to fulfil its duties independently of state pressure.
  4. Call for intervention from states regarding the South Africa v. Israel case in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to address potential complicity in crimes.
  5. Demand accountability for crimes against humanity and challenge the culture of impunity that allows violations to persist.
  6. Call for solidarity among civil society organisations in denouncing apartheid and supporting efforts to undo root causes of violence.
  7. Push for justice and accountability for perpetrators of violations against Palestinian children, ensuring that they are held accountable for their actions.
  8. Strengthen support for frontline workers and community-based workers in Gaza and the West Bank to enhance their capacity to protect children.
  9. Implement practical measures, such as the ‘no harm rule,’ to prevent further harm to unaccompanied and separated children, focusing on strengthening families to care for them.
  10. Support refugees from Gaza by addressing financial barriers preventing them from leaving the country, and advocate for a ceasefire to provide essential humanitarian aid.
  11. Confront states with their obligations to stop supporting Israel and redirect resources to humanitarian aid efforts through UNWRA.

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