Violence against Children

DCI works to address violence against children schools, homes, workplaces and the justice system.

Most recently, DCI has been working to raise awareness and advocate for governments to take action on the recommendations of the UN Study on Violence against Children – the most comprehensive study revealing the scope and scale of violence against children worldwide.

The most important of these activities was an international conference entitled “Ending Violence against Children in Justice Systems: From Words to Action”. The conference was held in October 2008 with the purpose of mobilising civil society to engage in the follow-up to the UN Study.

DCI has also produced an Information and Awareness-raising KIT intended to facilitate understanding and wide diffusion of the Study’s findings among various stakeholders and among children themselves.

A number of DCI national sections also undertake specific activities to address violence against children. Some selected examples of this work are as follows:

  • DCI-Costa Rica holds workshops with children and adolescents to discuss ways of reducing violence in schools.
  • DCI-Uganda organised a Day of Action to End Sexual Abuse in October 2008. One of the main objectives was to push the government to adopt an effective and systematic birth registration policy in the country.
  • DCI-Brazil launched an awareness-raising campaign to condemn the arbitrary killing of thousands of young people every year.

The heart of the initiative was a year long e-mail campaign which sent a story, every day for 365 days, of yet another murdered Brazilian child, putting a human face to the anonymous media figures, and making obvious the unspeakable horror of hundreds of young lives wasted every year through extreme violence and state neglect. DCI-Brazil has also begun litigating on behalf of the children and families in a number of these cases. Moreover, a travelling exhibition across 15 cities was launched on the theme of violence against children.

  • DCI-Sierra Leone launched a campaign to end corporal punishment in schools. DCI produced training materials and worked with teachers to train them in non-violent methods of discipline.