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Twelve handbook

The final seminar of the project TWELVE took place on 17 March 2016, in Brussels. TWELVE is a collaborative initiative that involved DCI-Italy, DCI-Spain and DCI-Belgium, and aimed at facilitating the implementation of Article 12 of the Child’s Rights Convention in the juvenile justice systems of Europe. Professionals and government officials working with children in contact with the law, institutional actors, academics, and NGO stakeholders from different European countries participated in a roundtable discussion aiming at sharing experiences, models and perspectives on the right to participation in the juvenile justice system.


On this occasion, DCI-Italy and its partners released the handbook:

Children’s right to participation and the juvenile justice system, theory and practices from implementation

The handbook is the result of collective reflections and shared experiences in EU Member States involving both professionals and adolescents in contact with the juvenile justice system. This handbook provides a crucial child-rights based, know-how approach aiming to make children’s participation in the juvenile justice system more effective and meaningful.

Prior to the release of the handbook, DCI sections in Italy, Spain and Belgium presented their respective research and monitoring report on the situation of children’s right to participation in the juvenile justice system of their respective countries. You can download their reports here:


To know more about the TWELVE project and its results, please visit DCI Italy website.

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