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Thematic Areas

Defence for Children International is a movement working for the promotion and protection of children’s human rights.

Using the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as its guiding principle, DCI takes a rights-based approach to its work, understanding children as rights-holders and active partners and participants.

In 2017, during DCI’s 12th annual International General Assembly (IGA), the Movement adopted the Strategic Framework 2017-2021 as its new global strategy.  The new framework defines DCI’s four main thematic priorities, alongside three cross-cutting issues.

Justice for Children remains the overarching priority of DCI, an area where the Movement has actively engaged for the last 15 years.  Violence against Children is an area where DCI has also been involved, with a special focus on gender-based violence in the recent years. Children on the Move is defined as the third global priority for DCI, as several Sections have been working in the area for years including work with asylum seekers, refugees, migrants and internally displaced children.  Finally, Children affected by Armed Conflicts is defined as the fourth priority for the Movement, including long-term crises and national security contexts.

In addition of the four thematic priorities, the IGA adopted 3 cross-cutting issues: children deprived of liberty, gender, and child participation which are to be mainstreamed in all activities of DCI.

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