Statement delivered at the HRC53 on the Occupied Palestinian Territory


Statement delivered at the HRC53 on the Occupied Palestinian Territory


On June 20 2023, DCI delivered a statement at the HRC53 on behalf of Defence for Children-Palestine, during the interactive dialogue with the commission of inquiry on the Occupied Palestinian Territory.



Defence for Children International – Palestine’s human rights documentation and evidence-based advocacy exposing Israeli forces’ grave violations against Palestinian children has made DCI-P a target of the Israeli government’s repressive tactics for years. When delegitimisation and disinformation campaigns targeting DCI-Palestine failed to silence our work, Israeli authorities escalated them by labeling civil society organisations as terrorist organisations and raiding our offices.


These unjust actions by Israeli authorities are meant to criminalise and eliminate our lawful human rights and child protection work exposing grave violations against Palestinian children. We reject the October 2021 Israeli terrorist designation and any repressive tactics aimed at eliminating our work. We resolve to continue defending Palestinian children and exposing grave violations inherent in Israel’s military occupation of Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.


We strongly urge all member states to:

  • Use all available means to hold Israeli authorities accountable for targeted attacks and repression of Palestinian civil society organisations and human rights defenders; and
  • End complicity and financial and diplomatic support to the Israeli apartheid system.


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