To get involved and stay informed regarding the subjects Defence for Children International is pursuing examine the different resources provided here. Our resources include:

•    Newsletters published by Defence for Children International regarding the recent activities of our organization on the most pressing issues on justice and children.

•    Publications released by Defence for Children International worldwide or in partnership with other organizations.

•    Statements and declarations aimed at raising children’s rights issues and specific concerns relevant to the Defence for Children International movement.

•   Press Releases addressing issues of immediate concern and urging governments to take action. Press releases alert the media and other parties about the issue and encourage them to get involved.

•    Reports and roundups from the Human Rights Council, reports from the Committee on the Rights of the Child and reports on the monitoring of the implementation of international treaties in the countries of each of our sections.

•    Fact sheets providing reader friendly explanations of UN documents, such as General Comment number 10.

•    Useful links to provide additional information and facts on UN bodies, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and juvenile justice standards.

•    Restricted area to inform and keep the national sections updated on organizational matters with limited access to national sections only.