Human Rights Council side-events reports

Defence for Children International organizes on a regular basis side-events to the Human Rights Council.

DCI often organizes these side-events together with other NGOs, with UN agencies or as part of the Interagency Panel for Juvenile Justice (IPJJ) or one of the Working Group for which DCI is an active member (Working Group on Children and Violence (WG/CAV), including the Focus Group on Children and Armed Conflict (FG/CAA); Working Group on Children of Incarcerated Parents (WG/CIP); Working Group on Mainstreaming (WG/M)).

Please find the reports of the most recent DCI side-events hereunder:

@ HRC29 (June 2015)

  • Girls in detention, with Penal Reform International and the Office of the SRSG on Violence Against Children
  • Girls’ right to education: a West-African perspective
  • Safe schools: protecting education from attacks, as member of the Focus Group on Children and Armed Conflict
  • Ending violence against children is imperative, possible and cost-effective: roundtable discussion on the Post-2015 VAC goals and targets, as member of the Working Group on Children and Violence

@ HRC28 (March 2015)

@ HRC27 (September 2014)

  • Children’s rights besieged in the Middle-East
  • Child rights defenders, the fatal consequences

@ HRC26 (June 2014)

  • Strategies for reforms in juvenile justice, with Terre des Hommes and as part of the IPJJ

@ HRC25 (March 2014)

  • Children affected by armed conflict: the extent of the child protection emergency in Syria, with War Child Holland

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