Past International General Assemblies



The IGA steers the policies, priorities and positions of the DCI movement. It also elects the President and other members of the International Executive Council who are mandated to govern the DCI movement in the interim between General Assemblies.


The International General Assembly meeting takes place every 3 years (4 years since 2012), and is hosted by a DCI national section. Previous IGA meetings have been held in:

•    Haikko, Finland (1987)

•    Granada, Spain (1992)

•    Dakar, Senegal (1997)

•    Mar de Plata, Argentina (2002)

•    Bethlehem, Palestine (2005)

•    Brussels, Belgium (2008)

•    Geneva, Switzerland (2012)


At the end of each International General Assembly, DCI adopts a declaration outlining its vision and priorities for the subsequent 3 years.