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Oral Statement on Interactive Dialogue on VAC

UN Human Rights Council 40th Session – 5 March 2019
Oral Statement on Interactive Dialogue with the Special Representative of the
Secretary-General on Violence Against Children


Thank you, Mr. President.

This statement is delivered by Terre des Hommes International Federation, in collaboration with Defence for Children International Secretariat Plan International and ECPAT, who are working together in the Girls Advocacy Alliance to effect policy change in order to eradicate violence against girls.


We welcome the report of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence Against Children and thank her for including civil society in her work. We are encouraged by her assessment that significant progress has been made at national and regional levels to address violence against children.


The Girls Advocacy Alliance remains concerned that insufficient attention has been placed at the national level on gender-responsive solutions. Inclusive, gender transformative and age-sensitive child protection systems do address the differing needs of girls and boys by recognising that they may ¨require different mechanisms of prevention, support and response to violence.


We have observed that gender-based violence and violence against children remain different fields of practice, and that more needs to be done to bring these agendas together, in order to recognise and address the gendered dynamics that drive violence against children.


We would, therefore, ask the Special Representative the following question:
–  In your experience, what are some good practices at the national level for ensuring that
national policy agendas on violence against children are responsive to gender, age and
ability? What further steps can Member States take in this direction?

Finally, we would urge Member states to:

 –  Collect age and sex-disaggregated data on violence against children and, on the basis of this, design and implement gender-sensitive policies to end violence against children.


Thank you.

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