New Partnership to Achieve Justice for Children

New Partnership to Achieve Justice for Children

An Intergenerational Resource Guide and Toolkit for Leaders and Changemakers

This Toolkit and Resource Guide aims to support governments to establish intergenerational partnerships which develop and sustain a child-centred culture within justice systems, and to align a child-centred purpose across the whole of government, to achieve justice for children.

This Toolkit and Resource Guide gives policy-makers, children and young changemakers, and those who support them, tools and approaches to systematically foster intergenerational partnerships in the policymaking process. In turn, this builds a culture of inclusion and partnership to accelerate progress towards SDG16.3, and equitable access to justice for all children. This toolkit:

– Fills the gap in guidance to inform policy-makers and other professionals how to meaningfully engage with children and young people to:

  • Build intergenerational foundations to achieve justice for children
  • Inform policy cycles of planning, designing, implementation and review.
  • Include a diversity of children and young people, particularly those who have lived experience of contact with justice systems, as stakeholders in policy processes
  • Embed processes of systematic power-sharing

– Aims to be a resource for people who are interested in growing a more purposeful child-centred culture across justice systems and whole-of-government
approaches, tackling structures of inequality and exclusion.

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