New meeting of the NGO panel

The NGO Panel on children deprived of liberty continues to advocate for the follow-up and implementation of the recommendations of the UN Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty, including initiating this process at the national level.

DCI as co-chair of the Panel together with Human Rights Watch has been able to count on the ongoing support of UN Special Representative of the Secretary-Genera (SRSG)l on Violence against Children, Dr. Najat Maalla M’jid, who continues to champion the Study in her work as well as working closely with the UN Inter-Agency Task Force (UN TF) for the Study to ensure its mainstreaming in the work of key stakeholders.

In March, we organized a joint meeting between the NGO Panel and the UN TF in order to coordinate action in 2021 and speed up implementation of its recommendations while the pandemic has exacerbated even more the context of vulnerability for all children deprived of liberty (See special debate online moderated by the UNSRSG including the participation of both the NGO Panel and the UN TF). The NGO Panel will be advocating this year the adoption of a specific international monitoring and implementation mechanism so that the Study’s recommendations have a proper follow-up and the collection of data continues in order to measure progress.