Netherlands : Push-back on the closure of inclusive childcares

By DCI-Netherlands


Three mixed childcare groups composed of children, with and without disabilities, closed last summer. This while professionals working there prove that both children with and without a disability highly benefit from mixed childcare as they can learn from each other. As a result, four organizations, including Defence for Children International – Netherlands, parents and childcare workers have turned to the Dutch Institute for Human Rights for advice.  


The Institute responded on May 17th by highlighting that currently, no requirements are imposed regarding the accessibility of private childcare facilities for children with a disability. And that it should be, the Institute underlines the importance for national policies and regulations for inclusive childcare to the Dutch government. In line with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, DCI-Netherlands welcomes the advice and stresses the importance and urgency for the government to ensure equal opportunities for children with and without disabilities.  


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