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Monique Robert – Biography

Monique Robert was born in Mexico City and since her childhood she demonstrated her sensitiveness to the needs of others, a service vocation inherited from her father, Don Pedro Robert, founder of Reintegra/DCI-Mexico. She studied social sciences and after, speech therapy. One of her characteristics is giving a meaning to each event of her life. Even during adverse times, like her fight against cancer, Monique always showed happiness and had a grateful attitude about life.



Believing in spiritual realities, supportive and always ready to encourage people in their difficult times, she was a woman who lived in a loving family, married and the mother of two children, constantly surrounded by friends who loved her simplicity and kindness. Monique dedicated her last years to justice and the defence of the rights of adolescents in conflict with the law, working on behalf of families, developing important projects in Reintegra/DCI-Mexico, and contributing to some meetings in Latin America, convinced of the importance of the DCI worldwide.