DCI joins MMI-LAC statement regarding the serious financial crisis of the IACHR due to the non-compliance of the States

Facing the severe financial crisis that affects the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) from the Organization of American States (OAS), which will definitely influence the key role it has played on the advocacy of human rights within the region, the Movimiento Mundial por la Infancia de Latinoamerica y el Caribe (MMI-LAC) expresses:

Deep concern for the lack of funding the IACHR is experiencing, due to the fact that several States have not provided the corresponding funds, which forced to suspend the programed hearings for the next period and causes uncertainty regarding the renewal of contracts for the staff and normal operation.

The IACHR is an important pillar in the advocacy of human rights of people in our region when their rights are violated in an individual or collective way, and they have exhausted all opportunities of protection under the local legislation.

The IACHR was also an indisputable instrument for the defense of democratic institutions and individual rights when they were steamrolled by dictators back in the 70s and the beginning of the 80s.

As organizations focused on children, we acknowledge the important role the IACHR has played in regards to the rights of children and adolescents within the jurisdiction of member States of the Organization of American States.

Both, their rapporteurs and their technical and political positions are performed by prestigious professionals endorsed by the States and with the support of civil society, which constitutes a guarantee for all parties that seek and subject to its jurisdiction.

Given the institutional political crisis context that affects the ability of some States to internally protect the individual or collective rights of their people, and their own democratic institutions, it is key to have a supranational body with technical and ethical competence to offer all guarantees to the process and fairness under the circumstances.

That is why we urge States to solve this situation immediately by making all corresponding financial contributions for the IACHR to have the necessary budget to carry out its operations in a dignifying and efficient way, in order to guarantee individual and collective rights of our people and of all democratic institutions in the region.

All member organizations of the Movimiento Mundial por la Infancia de America Latina y El Caribe subscribe this manifesto.

[1] Latin American and Caribbean Global Movement for Children, MMI-LAC as per its name in Spanish

[2] Inter-American  Commission on Human Rights


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