Living conditions in Child Protection Centers in Uruguay, Interview of DCI – Uruguay

On April 24 2018, our National Section in Uruguay spoke about the situation of children and adolescents living in Child Protection Centers for unaccompanied or abandoned minors, notably in regards to recent complaints for the living conditions of a Protection Center for Adolescents in Uruguay.

Juan Fumeiro, Coordinator of the Committee on the Rights of the Child Uruguay and President of DCI’s National Section in Uruguay was interviewed and shared his fears about the situation of children and adolescents living in shelters.

“This system […] practically deprives children of their freedom, although they have not committed any crime”

“Institutionalization does not provide any tools for these children to integrate in society and have an adequate development of their personality”

“This is why it is recommended that they live in a smaller core and in a family environment […] where they can receive the care and attention that every child deserves for a healthful development”


Full interview below

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