Liberian Child Rights NGO Coalition (LCRNC) Releases a Report

In September, the LCRNC, a coalition composed of thirty five members committed to “promoting the full and effective implementations of all documents on the rights of children” within Liberia, released an Alternative Report to the Liberian government’s report on the Implementation of the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child. The report, drafted with aid from DCI Liberia, states that since the Liberian civil war’s end in 2003, newly passed government laws have been unable to “provide framework for child protection system building.” Because Liberia has a large population of children (roughly 40%), and a larger population living under the poverty line, children are often vulnerable to poverty and injustice. Furthermore, these children are overlooked by the state. The report identifies the reasons behind state failures to protect children, including a weak bureaucratic system and a lack of human and financial resources in Liberia.
Based on its extensive research, the coalition has recommended the creation of a “comprehensive child protection system mapping survey aimed at developing a comprehensive child protection policy.” The report also includes several concrete recommendations for the Liberian government. DCI hopes that this document will have a positive impact on the lives of Liberian children.
To access the report, click here