Keeping Children Safe Summit

On the 20, 21 and 22 of April, the 2021 Keeping Children Safe Summit (KCS) was held online. Throughout the event, the more than 47 participating experts addressed the main challenges on child protection that organizations currently face not only in Latin America but also worldwide. Likewise, they shared their ideas and experiences, and responded to the questions raised by the attendees. Especially fascinating were the contributions of the lecturers regarding the implementation of their own organizational child protection policies, as well as other dynamic and necessary tools, which contribute to providing effective protection to children and adolescents against any type of abuse.

The conferences of the event can be accessed in their entirety through this link. In addition, we kindly share with you the new KCS online workshops which are available in English for those of you who are interested in delving deeper into the field of child protection. The next workshop will take place on Thursday, April 29 at 11:00 IST and you can already register here.

We thank Keeping Children Safe for organizing this Summit, for its work in supporting the different organizations in expanding their knowledge about organizational child protection, and for providing a platform in which to address the most urgent issues that affect children and adolescents, and thus enable us all to develop and adopt effective measures to put an end to the global and often invisible phenomenon of child abuse.

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