Juvenile Justice Resolution notes World Congress on Juvenile Justice (January 2015)

At the end of its 24th session, the Human Rights Council adopted a resolution on the “Human Rights in the administration of justice, including juvenile justice”.

With this text, the initiative to convene a World Congress on Juvenile Justice in Geneva from 26 to 30 January 2015 is noted. In fact, Switzerland in collaboration with the Foundation Terre des Hommes, is planning this congress as a means to create a forum that will foster dialogue between different countries regarding their respective justice systems. It will also focus on rights of child victims and witnesses of crime, seeking to improve international standards.

Furthermore, in its preamble, the Resolution notes with satisfaction the work of the Interagency Panel on Juvenile Justice (IPJJ) and its members. The Council also decides to convene, at its September 2014 session, a panel discussion on the protection of the human rights of persons deprived of their liberty. It also requests the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) to submit at its September 2015 session an analytical report on the human rights implications of over-incarceration and overcrowding.


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