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Juvenile Justice Newsletter – December 2013 – Editorial


Dear Readers,


Illustration En prison
©Illustration : Stéphanie Ganière

We welcome you to another edition of our Juvenile Justice Newsletter, in which you will find new and exciting information regarding our greatest priority: justice for children.

In this edition, we are pleased to report on a new project proposal from DCI Belgium that has gained European Commission approval. The project, entitled Children’s Rights Behind Bars. Human rights of children deprived of liberty: improving monitoring mechanisms, will involve work with 13 EU partner countries as it attempts to help advocates identify unjust practices in juvenile detention. Under the auspices of DCI President, Mr. Benoit Van Keirsblick, the project will last from 2014-2015.

We enclose a report released by the DCI organized Congress, “Children and violence in juvenile justice – the current situation, prevention and response mechanisms: the Latin American experience”, which took place on December 5-7, 2012. Experts who attended the Congress made interesting statements and recommendations for the future of juvenile justice in Latin America, which will benefit all actors in this field.

Furthermore, we include commentary on General Comment No. 35 of Article 9 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which makes special provisions to protect human rights in justice systems, including juvenile justice. Additionally, we highlight the adoption of General Comment No. 17 of the Committee on the Rights of the Child, in which experts outlined the importance of the rights to rest, leisure, play, recreational activities, cultural life, and the arts.

We draw attention to Universal Children’s Day, which took place on November 20th. The day’s theme was violence, pertinent to DCI’s mission of eradicating violence against children within justice systems. We encourage you to read our enclosed article.

Further news from national sections includes an international complaint to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights from DCI Brazil regarding the malicious treatment of juveniles in Latin-American internment centres.

Happy Reading!