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The Italian organisation is active since 2005 and officially registered in Italy in March 2007. It became a DCI section in 2008 during the 10° International General Assembly of DCI held in Brussels.
Defence for Children International Italy is based in Genoa and Rome.
It can counts on a team of 4 people working on a part-time basis and a number of volunteers.
Its General Assembly is composed by 11 people with different expertise in the field of human rights, international cooperation, social activism and militancy.


Defence for Children Italy operates in Italy for and with children carrying out initiatives for the protection and promotion of rights in the following areas:

  • Juvenile Justice
  • Migration
  • Violence, Exploitation and Trafficking
  • Consumerism and Media Education
  • Education to Human Rights and Children Rights


  • The GATE project- Guardians Against Trafficking and Exploitation:


DCI Italy is currently coordinating an European project funded by the EU ISEC Programme GATE Project – Guardians Against Trafficking and Exploitation, carrying out research, training and advocacy work to reinforce the Guardianship institution for the protection of Separated Children from exploitation and trafficking phenomena. In the last 2 years, DCI Italy took part with other 7 countries to the European project ‘Closing a protection gap’ in order to develop core standards for guardians based on the views of separated children in relation to their rights according to the CRC and EU directives.The initiative was coordinated by DCI The Netherlands.


  • Juvenile Justice:

DCI Italy is carrying out a project funded by the Lazio Region to supply psycho-social support to children in conflict with the law in order to promote a positive re-integration process after the detention experience and avoid recidivism. The initiative will be developed in coordination with the Lazio Juvenile Justice Centre of the Ministry of Justice.

  • Training and Capacity Building:

Human Rights-based training to professionals working with migrant people: DCI Italy is carrying out since 2009 training sessions with professionals, social workers, institutions working with migrant people (minors and adults) at various level, in particular in the Centres for Refugees and Asylum Seekers (CARA) and shelters for unaccompanied minors.

DCI Italy developed a Human Rights based handbook for social workers operating in the Asylum System, “Dignitas” (available online at the link (


DCI Italy also built up a web-platform for the exchange of good practices and for the promotion of on an integrated model connecting psycho-social dimensions together with a human-rights approach (

Education to human rights to adults and children, trying to analyise causes of violations and put in evidence the differences from a philantropic and a human-rights based approach.


  • Membership fees
  • European Commission
  • Italian Ministry of Interior
  • Private Foundations


Contact person: Pippo Costella (Director)


Genoa Office: Piazza della Meridiana 2/27 
16124 Genova
Tel./Fax 010 0899051

Rome Office (registered office):
Via Dacia 32 00183 Roma


Updated on May 2012