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HRC 48 – Human Rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories

2021 has been the deadliest year for Palestinian children since 2014, according to documentation gathered by Defense for Children International – Palestine. This year, Israeli forces have killed 73 Palestinian children in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Israeli forces killed 60 children during the 11- day military assault on the Gaza Strip. Israeli forces have shot and killed 12 children in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem. 13-year-old Omar Hasan Mousa Abu al-Nil succumbed to his wounds on August 28, a week after Israeli forces shot him in the neck while participating in a protest east of Gaza City, according to DCIP’s documentation.


During Israel’s military assault on the Gaza Strip in May, Israeli warplanes and weaponized drones bombarded densely populated civilian areas killing Palestinian children sleeping in their beds, playing in their neighborhoods, shopping at stores near their homes, and celebrating Eid Al-Fitr with their families, according to DCIP’s investigations.


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