DCI-Palestine delivers petition to end ill-treatment of Palestinian children
DCI-Palestine delivers petition to US govt
2 February 2017
DCI-Palestine delivers a petition with 11'000 signatures to the US State Department to end the ill-treatment of Palestinian child detainees
DCI-Liberia launches new project on justice for children
DCI-Liberia launches new justice project
31 January 2017
The new project focuses on the strenghtening of the justice system in Liberia, particularly to prevent violence against children
Report: Widening Space by Young Human Rights Defenders
Widening Space by Young HR Defenders
17 January 2017
This brief report includes the key contributions at the side-event “Widening Space by Young Human Rights Defenders” on 21 November 2016.
Concerns over Philippino Government's attempt to lower age of criminal responsibility
Grave concerns in the Philippines
16 January 2017
The Child Justice Advocacy Group calls on the Government of the Philippines not to lower the minimum age of criminal responsibility