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2dia MesaI uso remision

Highlights from Panels, Debates and Roundtables: Day 2

2dia MesaI uso remision


A roundtable was held to discuss social exclusion and drug consumption as factors for children to get involved in the justice system. Ms. Tatiane Cardoso (ANCED), described the situation in Brazil (there are currently over 20,000 children in prison), noting a regression in the legal situation and the need for effective child participation.  Mr. Manuel Fresco (National Centre for Addiction Control) informed that in the last six months there have been over 80 children admitted to the local Centre, majority of which were between the ages of 14 and 15. Mr. Carlos Portillo (DCI-Paraguay) pointed out that deprivation of liberty seems to be an easy yet not sustainable solution: there are no therapeutic measures involved and thus children never grow out of their addiction.

When discussing diversion and alternatives to detention, Mr. Camilo Torres, local Juvenile Judge, highlighted that socio-educational measures are in fact sanctions and not alternatives. He realised that there is a great lack in public policies and thus (and as aforementioned by Mr. Portillo) deprivation of liberty remains a “quick and easy” solution. Furthermore, and once again, the particular status of children in the “adolescent” age bracket was arguable as was the role of the media. Recognising the possibility to practice restorative justice in Paraguay, Mr. Torres reaffirmed this should and must be seen as a way to “humanise society”.