17 – 19 December

Geneva, Switzerland

Global Conference on Justice for Children Deprived of Liberty

The Conference is designed as a two-day event, targeting key groups such as the administration of justice, children deprived of liberty and the professionals who work with them, children on the move, children in institutions and children detained in the context of armed conflict. The programme will include plenary sessions, break out group discussions and intergenerational dialogues, fostering collaboration and exchange.

17 – 18 December 2024

Global Conference on Justice for Children Deprived of Liberty

Welcome to the Conference on Justice for Children, a two-day event dedicated to addressing critical issues affecting children in the justice system

This conference is tailored for a diverse audience, including justice practitioners, child rights experts, state representatives, professionals working with children deprived of liberty, children in institutions, and children detained in armed conflict scenarios under national security concerns.

Join us in our commitment to advancing justice for children worldwide, where your participation and insights can drive significant change and foster a more just and equitable future for all children.


Our conference aims to achieve the following objectives:

Review Progress and Challenges

Assess advancements and identify obstacles in each chapter of the Global Study based on the 2023-2024 roadmap.

Propose Alternatives to Child Detention

Develop and promote multi-stakeholder approaches to find effective alternatives to child detention.

Build Alliances

Foster partnerships to support the implementation of the UN Global Study recommendations and leverage SDG 16 to enhance justice for children.

Share Promising Practices

Highlight successful initiatives, such as non-custodial measures that facilitate the reintegration of children into society.

Promote Prevention and Reintegration

Advocate for policies and practices that prevent child detention and support reintegration.

19 December 2024

Consultations on General Comment 27 on Children’s Rights Access to Justice and Effective Remedies

CONTEXT : The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child has launched the process for its next General Comment no. 27 on Children’s Rights to Access to Justice and Effective Remedies

GOAL : It will be an opportunity to bring together the main players in the field of justice for children, as well as the children themselves, to begin these important discussions on how to improve access to justice for children and on the recommendations that can be made to states.

Defensa de los niños

Participation of children

One of the pillars of the DCI Movement is participatory, rights-based decision-making with children in all areas and actions that affect them. DCI believes that children are defenders of their rights and agents of change. Children's participation is about giving them space, allowing them to express their voices, and ensuring that their views are given due weight. Children who have been working on the subject of justice and deprivation of liberty will participate in the three days of the Conference and inform the debates with their views and ideas.

Children's right award

In the framework of this Conference, DCI will organise the 2nd edition of its Children’s Rights Award. The 2024 Award will be dedicated to justice and deprivation of liberty. Through this Award, DCI will highlight the way in which children's rights are perceived by those most directly concerned - the children themselves. The Award ceremony will be on the evening of the first day (17 December), highlighting the importance of children’s participation and recognising children as defenders of their own rights. Beyond the two international winners, there will be also an exhibition of the best creations of winners at the national level.


The experts (national and international) - children and adults - who will speak at the Conference have proven experience in different areas of children’s rights and have a recognised competence and vocation in this field. A balance between local, national, regional, and international levels will be ensured among the participants.

Prof. Manfred Nowak

Author of the Global Study on children deprived of liberty

Dr. Najat Maalla M’jid

Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence against Children

Prof. Virginia Gamba

Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Children and Armed Conflict

Dr. Volker Türk

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

Prof. Ann Skelton

Chairperson of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child

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