General Comment No.10 Fact Sheets

As part of its follow-up project to the Committee on the Rights of the Child’s General Comment No.10, DCI has developed a series of 10 Fact Sheets exploring various themes in juvenile justice.

These fact sheets can be used as awareness-raising and training tools with justice professionals, governments and civil society:

  • Children’s rights in Juvenile Justice EN FR ES
  • Preventing Juvenile Delinquency EN FR ES
  • Promoting Diversion EN FR ES
  • Ensuring Appropriate Ages of Criminal Responsibility EN FR ES
  • Guaranteeing a Fair Trial EN FR ES
  • Prohibiting the Death Penalty and Life Imprisonment EN FR ES
  • Using Deprivation of Liberty as a Last Resort EN FR ES
  • Juvenile Justice Organisation ES
  • Reintegration, Rehabilitation and Aftercare EN FR ES
  • The Right to be Heard in Juvenile Justice Systems EN FR ES

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