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Defence for Children International Brochure

This brochure provides basic information on the Defence for Children International, specifically who we are and what we do. The Defence for Children International was founded in July 1979 during the international year of the child. At the time of its creation, there were few other international organizations with the goal of defending the rights of the child. Thus, the Defence for Children International played a critical role in drawing attention to the many injustices children around the world were facing. Our organization was critical to the drafting process of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and continues to ensure that the convention is applied in all its member states.

The Defence for Children International Secretariat is the focal point for the organization, especially in the areas of lobbying, research, networking, and advocacy. The DCI-Secretariat works alongside 47 national sections, each of which lobby for the rights of the child in their country.

For more specific information regarding the locations of the national sections and the activities of our organization Read our brochure .

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