EU project in Mauritania transforms the lives of thousands of children survivors of sexual violence

EU project in Mauritania transforms the lives of thousands of children survivors of sexual violence


Geneva 13 Dec 2023


The mission in Nouakchott from 10th to 17th November 2023 was part of the project: “Promote an environment that protects the human rights of children and women victims of violence, particularly sexual violence in the wilayas of Hodh El Gharbi and Dakhlet Nouadhibou”. The mission was the occasion to hold important meetings between the local project team and the co-beneficiaries (Defence for Children International (DCI) and the Word-Service Foundation (WFS)), with the technical and financial partner of the project (European Union). This mission took place at the end of the 3rd and final year of the project and allowed the team to inform the partners about the main results obtained and to discuss the prospects for continuing actions to support victims of sexual violence in the two target regions.



The team responsible for contacts with partners was made up of Mohamed Lemine Ahmed Seyfer, AMSME EU GBV Project Manager, Cecile Pilot, representing the co-beneficiary Children’s International Defense (DCI), Susanna Tuccio, representing the co-beneficiary of the Word Service Foundation (WSF), and Launa, Intern at AMSME on gender-based violence. The mission also included a capacity-building workshop organised by the World Service Foundation on the evaluation and communication of the impact of the project, and two workshops led by DCI International Secretariat on the special procedures of the UN HRC and the Child Safeguarding Policy. The participants included DCI-Mauritania (AMSME) local staff.


Finally, the project team met with two key technical and financial partners in Nouakchott. Indeed, the project team shared their important findings on the occasion of institutional meetings with Doctor of the World (MDM) – Emilia Noël – Country Coordinator, and the European Union delegation in presence of Mrs. Cristina Mateu Gallego – Team Leader and Social Assistance – Cooperation Section, and Mohamed Limam Malick, Program Manager, Economy, Trade and Private Sector, Cooperation Section – Economic and Social Team.


Through this 3 year project, the popularisation of the green line to denounce GBV (in particular rapes) gave excellent results and the project shade a light on the scope of the GBV phenomenon by producing data for two regions. The green line is now known to most secondary school students and parents in Aioun and Nouadhibou. We found that it enabled denunciations of abuse and violence and therefore to support child victims of violence. In total, awareness-raising reached 7,589 people in Nouadhibou and Aioun, including 4,853 girls and 2,736 boys. The number of people affected, particularly in Aioun (6,779), remote area close to Mali, is very encouraging for awareness-raising efforts in this region with a high prevalence of violence and which has not previously benefited from victim support structures.


DCI addresses its sincere thanks to the European Union for its commitment to end gender-based violence and its contribution to make this project a success.

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