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Thematic Reports

  • Children and violence in juvenile justice – the current situation, prevention and response mechanisms: the Latin American experience, DCI’s Final Report of Paraguay Congress, December 2012, ES
  • Creating a Non-Violent Juvenile Justice System, A report from the International NGO Council on Violence Against Children, October 2013, EN
  • Sessions de formation sur la justice pour mineurs « Plaidoyer pour les droits de l’enfant au niveau international : stratégies pour des actions concrètes auprès du Conseil des Droits de l’Homme et ses mécanismes et du Comité des droits de l’enfant », Genève 5-11 mars 2012 FR
  • Cinco Años después: una puesta a punto a nivel mundial sobre la violencia contra niños y niñas, 2011 ES
  • Violating children’s rights: Harmful practices based on tradition, culture, religion or superstition, A report from the International NGO Council on Violence against Children, 2012 EN
  • Report of the Side – Event on ‘Children, the indirect victims of violence against women’, 21 June 2012, Palais des Nations – Geneva EN
  • Stop the violence! The overuse of pre-trial detention, or need to reform juvenile justice systems. Review of evidence. Download the report in EN / FR
  • Ending Violence Against Children in Justice Systems: Strategies for Civil Society Engagement in the Follow-up to the UN Study
    Download the report in EN | FR
  • Education in Chains: Gaps in Education Provision to Children in Detention
    Download the report in EN | FR | ES
  • Les droits de l’enfant dans le système de justice pour mineurs en Suisse– Cahier DEI-section Suisse. Download the report  FR
  • Kids Behind Bars: A study on children in conflict with the law: towards investing in prevention, stopping incarceration and meeting international standards (2003)

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