DCI holds regional coordination meeting in the Americas

Defence for Children International (DCI) holds regional coordination meeting in the Americas and demands for continuing to strengthen child protection in this region.


Geneva, 30 October 2018

The National Sections of Defence for Children International (DCI) in the Americas held regional coordination meetings on October 26-27, 2018 in Montevideo, Uruguay. The purpose of these meetings was to develop joint strategies for the protection and the promotion of children’s rights across the region, in accordance with the Strategic Framework of DCI 2017-2021, adopted by the General Assembly of DCI in March 2017.

The following individuals from National Sections and the International Secretariat of DCI participated in the meeting:


Executive Director of DCI: Alex Kamarotos

Advocacy Officer – DCI International Secretariat: Helen Griffiths

Vice President of Americas and DCI Uruguay: Juan Fumeiro

DCI Bolivia: Enrique Zabala

DCI Brazil: Mónica Brito

DCI Colombia: Fernando Sabogal Báez

DCI Argentina: Norberto Liwski y Mónica Ávila


The aim of these meetings was to “strengthen the cooperation among all DCI’s Americas National Sections, in order to ensure better advocacy around the defence and the promotion of children’s’ rights in the continent,” said the Executive Director of DCI, Mr. Alex Kamarotos, who co-organised the meeting with Mr. Juan Fumeiro, Vice-President of DCI in the Americas.

During the meeting, the National Sections shared their assessment of the regional context, such as the development of neoliberal policies and regressive policies which are currently affecting different countries across this region, reductions in social investment and the consequences thereof. Furthermore, social vulnerability, the criminalization of poverty, discrimination, and the lack of protection for migrant populations were also identified as key issues across the region.

The discussion also broached the following problems concerning all the children of the region: extreme poverty, violence against children and teenagers, the failure to respect the rights of children in conflict with the law, and the absence of protections for children on the move and those affected by armed conflict.

DCI condemns the development of the neoliberal policies and the regressive policies taking place in this context and calls for children’s rights organisations and other civil society organizations, government officials and international organizations to work together to enhance social protection systems to guarantee social, economic and cultural rights. This will ensure and promote the full development of children’s skills, potential, independence and empowerment in order to ensure the full realization and implementation of their rights as set out in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) – the most widely ratified United Nations Convention – throughout the entire region. To find out more information about DCI activities in the Americas, read the Buenos Aires Declaration – Half of the poor are children, half the children are poor,” developed on the occasion of the twenty-eighth anniversary of the CRC.

DCI’s International Secretariat as co-convenor of the NGO Panel of the UN Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty, and the DCI Sections present, participated in the regional consultation of the Global Study on Children co-organised by the Government of Uruguay, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and  local civil society organizations including DCI Uruguay.

During the conference, regional children’s rights’ experts and civil society representatives took part in discussions about children deprived of liberty within the framework of the administration of justice, institutionalization, and migration as well as children detained with their parents. Professor Manfred Nowak – the Independent Expert leading the United Nations Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty, presented the Study the current status of the Global Study via video conference and his representative, Ms. Mary Beloff, led discussions during the event. The full concept note can be found here.

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