Deprivation of Liberty Worldwide: Brazil


As Brazil struggles to control crime, there are grave concerns that their domestic plan of action is disregarding inherent human rights. Governments criminalize social difficultiesthrough political and military force, typically focusing on impoverished areas where children and youth are most likely to be more affected. In many of these slum areas, unwarranted searches and detainments are common among very young children and pregnant mothers. In order to prevent crime, authorities are not respecting the dignity of their own citizens.

Moreover, overpopulation, lack of staff and educative programs has led to the use of psychiatric medication as a way to alleviate youth disruption. During 2007, San Pablo created the Experimental Union of Health that gathered teenage males that were deemed antisocial or violent. Albeit the establishment of offices to effectively monitor these problems on a case-by-case basis, monitoring and oversight remain low.