Deprivation of Liberty Worldwide: Australia

Immigrants are finding that Australia is not the sun-soaked, easy-going land they once imagined. As of 20 July 2013, all immigrants or refugees arriving by sea are turned away and sent to Papua New Guinea. Furthermore, children who manage to begin the process of immigration status are placed in detention for the time being; in 2013, more than 1700 children were detained during this process. The Migration Act 1958 states that there is no time limit on detention, so they often remain behind bars for months and sometimes years, placed with adults of all ages. These detention centers are typically in remote areas, offering little freedom. Although some of them give children access to education, many, including the Leonara detention facility, do not. Offshore detention centers have been rated as extremely detrimental to children, failing to meet most international standards and undoubtedly depriving children of their liberty.

Problems of sexual abuse are not uncommon as well. Children in these detention centers in the middle of nowhere do not have a voice, and it is the Call for a Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty that will allow their stories to be heard.