Defence for Children Colombia campaigns against the use of child soldiers

The Defence for Children International-Colombia section, DCI-Colombia, is participating in a campaign to end war in Colombia. They were actively involved in the creation of a video entitled “Let`s rebuild love. Voices of Colombia Children for Peace” featuring the voices of children impacted by the ongoing war. The video was aired before the Congress of Colombia on Thursday February 12 to increase awareness of the issue of child soldier.

February 12 is the annual Red Hand Day, which serves to remind people of the continuous use of child soldiers. The day was initiated in 2002 when the Optional protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the usage of child soldiers came into force. While over a decade has passed the use of child soldiers has remained constant, with 250,000 children still used in conflict.

The DCI-Colombia used this video to bring awareness to the fact that the use of child soldiers is still a critical issue that needs attention.

To support this movement please click on the link and watch the moving video.

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