DCI-Yemen part of the NGO’s coalition to submit the final report for the UPR of Yemen

The situation of human rights in Yemen will be examined during the next UPR session (18th session: January/February 2014). The NGO’s coalition for Children’s rights in Yemen submitted the final report for the period 2006-2012 and DCI-Yemen was part of the writing committee. The main issues of concern raised regarding children were:

  • Trafficking of Children
  • Children working in the streets
  • Children in conflict with the law (lack of specialised institutions for juveniles, poor conditions of detention, lack of action focusing on rehabilitation
  • The situation of Somali children refugees in Yemen, who are facing bad living conditions in camps.

The recommendations presented included: the elaboration national plans of action for the protection of children and the formulation and enforcement of laws in this regard; the formulation and implementation of laws to criminalize abuses against children; the improvement of the living conditions to fight against poverty; the reinforcement of child protection networks; the promotion of child rights trough awareness-raising campaigns; the establishment of an independent children information centre as well as an independent agency to receive complaints from children and provide guidance to them.