Children's parliament

DCI-Yemen empowers Children’s Parliament in child protection

Defence for Children International-Yemen (DCI-Yemen, also known as the Democracy School) carried out on 23 February 2013 a workshop aimed at raising awareness amongst the future leaders and members of the Children’s Parliament (CP) of the risks of early marriage, recruitment of children and prevention of crime.





Children's parliament

DCI-Yemen organized the workshop in cooperation with UNICEF, where it trained 35 children from Hadramout, Al-Mahara and Soqatra Island for 4 days in child protection cases. DCI-Yemen will implement this project in all governorates and will target 400 members and future leaders from the CP.

Founded in 2000, the CP is an initiative supported by DCI-Yemen that encourages a higher participation of children in the expression of their views on issues affecting them and the questioning of governmental measures related to their rights. The CP has held five elections, and has been a force in calling Yemen’s leaders to account on issues such as child trafficking, child labor, child rights in national legislations, compulsory education, fighting against violent punishments in schools, among others, forcing the recognition of these problems as serious threats for children in Yemen.

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