Founded in 1995

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Fields of Intervention:

DCI-Morocco/Assocation Bayti was created in Morocco in order to promote and defend children’s rights. Therefore, several actions are undertaken in the following priority issues:

  • Juvenile Justice
  • Violence and exploitation of children
  • Street children
  • Education, information and training on children’s rights

Current Activities and Projects/Programmes:

In recent years, DCI-Morocco has carried out inter alia the following projects:

  • Medical and Psychosocial Rehabilitation

The goal is to establish a global analysis of the situation of a child in order to create an individual approach for each case. This enables every child to exercise its rights and reconstruct its own life project. Last year, 77 children benefited from the programme. Numerous activities were undertaken to fulfill these goals:

    • Workshops that foster the development of the child’s personality;
    • The Réseau de Jeunes Sans Frontières, which explores subjects such as citizenship, children’s rights, etc. through research. Currently, 30 girls and boys aged between 15 and 25 contribute to various research projects and the national and international debate on child rights issues;
    • Sport Activities;
    • Social and financial education: children paint or craft objects and then sell them to earn money that will be used to invest in new programmes for the children;
    • Job workshops that and prepare children for a professional career;
  • Awareness-Raising and Advocacy Campaigns
    • DCI-Morocco targets national institutions to lobby for improvements to the formal school system, better access to health care for children, and a job market that is more open to young people. Partners in this effort are the Ministry for Solidarity, the Ministry for the Family, the Ministry for Children, and the Ministry for Social Development;
    • DCI-Morocco also continuously organises awareness-raising campaigns for communities, institutions, and private partners. In 2013, DCI-Morocco has launched the process of drafting an alternative report for the third and fourth report of Morocco for the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
    • DCI-Morocco contributed to protests against child labour of small girls through awareness-raising campaigns on the murder of small girls.

Success Stories/Testimonials:

Last year, 9 children who participated in DCI-Morocco’s rehabilitation programme took their final school school exams. Six of them passed all their exams in the first session and the other three passed them in the second session. One of the girls was also elected for the Moroccan Youth Parliament during the first national meeting of Youth MPs.

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