Founded in 1989

Contact Details:

  • Contact person: MR. BUSGOPAUL Nirmal
  • Address: Room 501, 43 Excellence House, Savanne Road, Nouvelle France, Mauritius
  • Phone 1: (+230) 677 0451
  • Fax: (+230) 677 0466
  • Email:
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Fields of Intervention:

DCI-Mauritius was created in Mauritius in order to promote and defend children’s rights. Therefore, several actions are undertaken in the following priority issues:

  • Juvenile Justice
  • Internet safety
  • Education, information and training on children’s rights

Current Activities and Projects/Programmes:

In recent years, DCI-Mauritius has carried out inter alia the following projects:

  • Children’s Rights Education in Citizen’s Advice Bureau

DCI-Mauritius, with the collaboration of the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ombudsperson for Children, and the National Human Rights Commission in Mauritius, provided children’s rights education to members of the public. The sessions are conducted in Citizen’s Advice Bureaux in 32 centers across Mauritius. Participants are usually children including students, parents, police officers, and members of the public.

  • Legal Assistance to Juveniles

Juvenile related cases are referred to DCI-Mauritius through an online helpline. In 2013, DCI-Mauritius has sought the assistance of the police in a number of cases where minors were abused and cases of minors who were accused of sexual offences and who were being put on trial. Other instances where DCI-Mauritius was involved is where a minor was accused of murder and DCI-Mauritius intervened to have him released on bail. DCI-Mauritius works with the prosecutor’s office, the family, and other

stakeholders in order to follow up cases and intervene to protect the rights of young persons.

  • Universal Periodic Review Report for Mauritius

DCI-Mauritius submitted its report as one of the stakeholders to the Universal Periodic Review. A meeting, held with all stakeholders and chaired by the Minister of Foreign Affairs was held and DCI-Mauritius was invited. A variety of issues pertaining to children’s rights have been thoroughly dealt with and they include the following among others:

    • Protocols and the UN CRC
    • Progress/ changes since the last review
    • Violations of the rights of the child
    • Actors working with children and conformity to the dignity of the child
    • Examples of good practices
    • Recommendations to the government

Success Stories/Testimonials: