DCI-Liberia launches new project on justice for children

Defence for Children International-Liberia launched yesterday a new project focusing on the protection of the rights of children within the justice system.

Together with KidsRights and local partner organisations Search-Liberia and YOCEL, DCI-Liberia aims to strengthen the justice system by training duty bearers to fortify their role for providing justice for child victims of violence, to raise awareness and to assist children in reporting cases of violence.

 “Justice for children is achievable, but the only way to realistically achieve it is to create a platform for friendly interactions within the justice system. We also have to reiterate the importance of only using arrest and detention as last resorts”, said Foday M. Kawah, Executive Director of DCI-Liberia.

The project was designed together with Abraham Keita, former beneficiary of DCI-Liberia’s programmes and winner, at the age of 17, of the 2015 International Children’s Peace Prize for his fight for the justice of children who have become victims of violence.

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