Founded in 2005

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Fields of Intervention:

DCI-Italy was created in Italy in order to promote and defend children’s rights. Therefore, several actions are undertaken in the following priority issues:

  • Juvenile Justice
  • Migration issues
  • Violence against children and child trafficking and exploitation
  • Human rights and children’s rights education

Current Activities and Projects/Programmes:

In recent years, DCI-Italy has carried out inter alia the following projects:

  • SAFEGUARD – Safer with a Guardian: Promoting  a Model of Timely Appointment of a Guardian to Increase the Protection of Unaccompanied Children from Abuse, Exploitation and Trafficking

On 01 September 2014, DCI-Italy, in collaboration with Associazione I Girasoli (capofila) and Nidos Foundation, as well as the support of Autorità Garante per l’Infanzia e l’Adolescenza, the Municipality of Catania, Servizio Sociale Internazionale, and Arci Sicilia, launched a two-year project to promote a model for the timely appointment of a guardian for children arriving in Italy. The geographic focus of the project lies on Sicily, a major point of entry into Europe for many migrants coming from the Mediterranean, whose numbers have been increasing significantly in recent years.
The project entails the following main activities:
o Analysis of the situation in the main points of entry of migrants by consulting caretakers and other key actors that work with minors
o Developing a model of protection based on this analysis. Operational practices and procedures for the cooperation with local authorities and other key actors in the region of Sicily will be elaborated in order to be able to apply the model to the situation in the field
o Capacity-building to strengthen and improve the role and functions of guardians in Sicily
o Awareness-raising and dissemination of the findings through seminars for key actors from all of Italy

  • Children’s Rights Behind Bars

This project, which started on 01 March 2014, is a collaboration between 16 European and International organizations that work for children’s rights. Their goal is to increase the respect of human rights of children deprived of liberty and improve the implementation of international juvenile justice standards to protect the rights and needs of incarcerated children.
DCI-Italy is the project’s national partner in Italy. One of the aims is to produce a practical guide for professionals to use during visits to juvenile detention facilities. It was elaborated as a result of the extensive research and input from lawyers, academia, and juvenile justice experts. The guide will be distributed to all members states of the European Union to strengthen the coordination of their juvenile justice policies and harmonise practices between existing monitoring bodies. Other participating countries are Austria, Belgium, Estonia, France, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Serbia. The Council of Europe is an associate partner.

  • RESILAND – Migrant Children Writing Stories of Resilience and Self Protection

On 01 November 2013, the project, co-financed by the programme “Prevention of and Fight against Crime” (ISEC), began, aiming to promote participation and increase resources and resilience of migrant children so they can protect themselves from trafficking and exploitation.
Specific objectives of RESILAND are:
o Capacity-building of migrant children to identify needs, opportunities, and solutions to prevent and protect themselves from exploitation and trafficking
o Strengthening the protection system to support the participation, coping skills, and resilience of migrant children
o Developing and disseminating good practices

The following activities are undertaken:
o Creating activities for children who are at risk of trafficking and exploitation in 4 countries, based on a participatory methodology through focus groups with children and consultations with social workers
o Providing training aimed at professionals in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of security services
o Promotion and dissemination of the model through the organisation of a seminar in Brussels, with the participation of an expert group from 10 countries of the European Union. There, standards will be discussed and developed, which will then be presented and spread amongst EU institutions in Brussels.

Success Stories/Testimonials:

The European Training Courses held in the framework of the RESILAND project were a success. Around 70 professionals from 24 European countries participated and their feedback was enthusiastic and encouraging. For more information, please visit:


  • IMPACT – Improving & Monitoring Protection Systems Against Child Trafficking and Exploitation – Transnational Analysis, February 2014
    The publication contains the analysis of the transnational IMPACT project, carried out in four European countries. The analysis assesses whether and how national institutions are able to have a real impact on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in order to help prevent child trafficking and exploitation.
  • Promotion of the Application of Standards for Guardianship, December 2013The report analyses to which degree standards of guardianship for unaccompanied minors in Italy are applied. It creates knowledge and build capacities for professionals working for the protection of migrant children in Italy.
  • All publications can be found on the following website: