DCI-Czechia: Annual Seminar on the CRC implementation in Czechia

DCI-Czechia, on the 8th of March 2018, held its 22nd DCI Seminar on the Committee on the Rights of the Child Implementation in Czechia. The Seminar concluded on the fact that there was a real lack of adequate implementation of the CRC provisions in Czechia and a non-implementation of both the governmental strategy “The Right for Childhood” (December 2011) and of the National Implementation Plan.

In addition to the lack of implementation, other important points, relating to child participation in the life of the society as well as the systematic measures needed to be taken by public bodies for the proper implementation of the rights of the Child in Czechia were highlighted of which a few are cited below:

  1. To establish and nominate a permanent independent coordinating and monitoring body for the implementation of the CRC. This body has to be equipped with appropriated powers and competences.
  2. To adopt a law on an independent ombudsperson for children, the competences of which will also inhere decision-making processes of municipal and regional authorities.
  3. To initiate in mainstream media and in their supervising councils a dialog on the implementation of the rights of the child, including the right of participation in all issues concerning children directly or indirectly.
  4. To solve systemic gaps by separating the issues of families and children from other dominating ones (employment policies, schools, sports, etc.). To establish a ministry for family, children and youth, according to good practices from abroad.
  5. To initiate a public or parliamentary council or commission for the rights of the child.

To see the full list of points relating to child participation and measures needed to be taken to adequately implement the CRC in the country, click the document below:

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