Founded in 1990

Contact Details:

  • Contact person: MR. PROKES Miroslav
  • Address: Česká sekce DCI – Sdružení zastánců dětských práv ČR, Senovázné nám. 24, Praha, CZ-116 47
  • Phone & Fax:(+420) 603 43 88 22
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Fields of Intervention:

DCI-Czech Republic was created in Czech Republic in order to promote and defend children’s rights. Therefore, several actions are undertaken in the following priority issues:

  • Juvenile Justice
  • Human rights and child rights education
  • Monitoring the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • Child participation

Current Activities and Projects/Programmes:

In recent years, DCI-Czech Republic has carried out inter alia the following projects:

  • Awareness-Raising in the Rights of the Children 

Main activities of DCI-Czech Republic concerned the promotion of and information about the rights of the child among the broad public, through:

    • Publication of “Rights of the Child Documents“ and “Rights of the Child 2001 – 2010“ which were disseminated for free at all possible meetings of children, pupils, and professional and volunteer youth workers and sent out to NGOs.
    • Consultation and publication activities about CRC, especially among professionals. However, it was extremely difficult to reach mainstream media with the topic of the rights of the child, hence to reach out to the broad public.
    • Annual assemblies of the National Parliament of Children and Youth. Gradually, children’s parliaments and pupils’ councils appear in towns, schools, and regions. There are also meetings of children with local and regional counselors.
    • DCI-Czech Republic has organized 16 national seminars about the Convention and its monitoring in the Czech Republic. Many recommendations and suggestions for state organs have come from them, as well as a petition of the participants. Most of the material from the seminars has been printed and spread to various NGOs and state institutions. For instance, in 2010, DCI-Czech Republic has organised the 15th parliamentary seminar on the implementation of CRC in the Czech Republic. The main topic was the final compilation and adoption of the alternative report for the UNCRC by the present NGO delegates.
  • Co-operation with States Institutions and NGOs

    • DCI-Czech Republic has regularly and actively taken part in the meetings of the Committee for the Rights of the Child of the Czech Council for Human Rights and reported on the progress of the compilation of the alternative report. DCI-Czech Republic also took part in the 6th regional meeting of national coalitions for the rights of the child in Florence.
    • The “Alliance of NGOs for the Rights of the Child in Czech Republic”: DCI-Czech Republic was the initiator of the creation of this alliance. It aims at monitoring the status of the child in Czech society and to create one coalition among NGOs in order to cooperate to be stronger and systematic in controlling, observing, and realising the implementation of the CRC in the Czech Republic. As the administrator of this alliance, DCI-Czech Republic continues to collect inputs of other NGOs to the alternative report on the implementation of CRC in the Czech Republic. DCI-Czech Republic contacted the newly established coalition of NGO “Together to Schools” which advocates for the integration of Roma children into mainstream education (contrary to the present segregated education system). The coalition contributed to the alternative report. In the second half of the year 2010, the editorial board of the alternative report finished the compilation, and then DCI volunteers translated the whole report to English. DCI-Czech Republic continued the long-term co-operation with the children association Duha (Rainbow) which runs a national-wide participative system of children’s and youth parliaments.

In the year 2010, DCI-Czech Republic ran a new project supported from the EU-programme Grundtvig (Life-Long Learning), in co-operation with the Irish NGO “Voluntary Service International” (VSI).

It was aimed at the international exchange of experiences and skills for volunteers aged over 50 years. The Irish volunteers helped to fulfill the goals of DCI-Czech Republic and worked in an SOS-village in the Czech Republic. The Czech volunteers were similarly helping in Ireland for a few weeks.

A guide on senior volunteering was produced by the two partner organisations in 2011, containing learning from 50Up participants. The guide will be used by volunteering organisations and volunteers themselves, with the aim of increasing the numbers of people over the age of 50 taking part in volunteering.

  • Alternative Reports for the Implementation of the Convention on the Right of the Child to the UNRCR

One of the main activities of DCI-Czech Republic, in cooperation with the Alliance of NGOs for the Rights of the Child in Czech Republic, is to report the implementation of the CRC to the UNCRC in Geneva. DCI-Czech Republic puts together initiatives, opinions, documents, and conclusions of its seminars to the alternative reports and it also translates all the texts to English.

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