Founded in 1994

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DCI-Costa Rica was created in Costa Rica in order to promote and defend children’s rights. Therefore, several actions are undertaken in the following priority issues:

  • Social Participation of children in issues concerning them
  • Prevention and protection to children from exploitation, trafficking, smuggling of migrants and related crimes
  • Advocating for the creation of public policies which prioritize child rights
  • Preventing commercial sexual exploitation
  • Developing strategies to prevent violence against children
  • Justice for children
  • Preventing exploitation and child labour
  • Access and right to education

Through their socio-educational activities, DCI-Costa Rica was able to directly assist 62 adolescents.

143 victims of trafficking and other forms of violence directly assisted.

With regards to the project reinforcing links between incarcerated mothers and children, DCI-Costa Rica was able to reach out to, and help 71 women and 121 children.