mural DNI anniversary

DCI-Costa Rica: civil society organisations and the need to stregnthen the third sector

mural DNI anniversaryWe would like to point out an interesting article that appeared on a DCI Costa Rica Newsletter very recently (DNI 85-2013), concerning the need to strenghten civil society organisations and bolster their impact on the socio-polical changes of a given country.
The article refers to the fact that human rights organisations in Latin America suffer threats, reprisals and insecurity from state actors, who appear less and less acceptable and respectful of their right to speak-up about violations.

Many organisations are forced to shut down for security reasons and as a form of self protection. In addition to that, donors are no longer interested in supporting Latin American and in particular, Costa Rican organizations, considering the GDP growth and the political stability in most of the region, without considering the fact that human rights are still far from being granted.

It is fundamental, at this stage, to join forces and to strengthen the capacities of those human rights defenders who are fighting for the respect of the human rights of children in Costa Rica and in the region.