Founded in 1994

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Fields of Intervention:

DCI-Brazil/ANCED was created in Brazil in order to promote and defend children’s rights. Therefore, several actions are undertaken in the following priority issues:

  • Children in conflict with the law and Juvenile Justice
  • Fighting impunity of crimes committed against children and adolescents
  • Raising awareness for human rights
  • Combating sexual violence
  • Monitoring the Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • Monitoring the national budget with a focus on children

Current Activities and Projects/Programmes:

In recent years, DCI-Brazil/ANCED has carried out inter alia the following projects:

  • Advocacy and Monitoring of Public Policies Concerning Children

DCI-Brazil/ANCED monitored and influenced public policy by working with important institutions of the Brazilian State, such as the Brazilian Parliament, the Human Rights Commission of both parliamentary chambers, the National Committee to Combat Sexual Violence, the Parliamentary Front for Children and Adolescents, the National Council of Justice (CNJ), and the Superior Court of Justice (STJ).

  • Socio-Legal Defence of Children in Conflict with the Law

DCI-Brazil/ANCED continued to support the work of national Centers for the Defence of Children and Youth (CEDECAs), which are socio-legal defence centers for children in conflict with the law. The defence centers contributed to the public debate on juvenile justice issues and allowed to raise awareness for the issue by making it more visible.

  • Protection of Children in the Context of the 2014 World Cup

Besides numerous other actions carried out through the National Network for the Defence of the Adolescents in Conflict with the Law (RENADE), some workshops and seminars concerning the protection of children and adolescents in the context of the World Cup were organised.

Success Stories/Testimonials:

Through projects for the encouragement of child participation, run by the national Centers for the Defence of Children and Youth from the State of Tocatins (CEDECA/TO), it was possible to change the culture of respect for adolescents in the region and strengthen their right to political participation.

“I found the project very interesting. They pointed out issues such as diversity, the World Cup, and the Statute of the Child and Adolescent, which I had never heard about before. It was worthy of participation”. – Estaphny Alves de Melo, 16 years-old

The project “Sexual Rights are Human Rights of Children and Adolescents” was developed by the Center for the Defense of Children and Adolescents’ Rights from the Federal District (CEDECA/DF). Its aim was to promote political education of children and adolescents with regard to the recognition of their political and sexual rights.

“I participated in the Human Rights’ Workshop of CEDECA/DF and found it very interesting because we discussed very important matters. One of the workshops I enjoyed most was about the Statute of the Child and Adolescent (ECA), because I didn’t know a lot about it and on that day I discovered the importance of it to all the young people in our country”. – Geovanna dos Santos Silva, 16 years-old