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DCI-Brazil fights against sexual violence ahead of World Cup

DCI–Brazil participated in the Seminar Teenagers and Young people Connected for a World Cup without Sexual Violence held on 11 – 12 March 2012, at the Convention Center of Pernambuco, Olinda. The event brought together 300 teenagers and young people from all over Brazil to discuss youth participation in the fight against sexual violence in the framework of the Cup of Confederations (2013) and the Soccer World Cup (2014).





Brazil article

DCI-Brazil was present through its coordinator, Perla Ribeiro, who attended the event in order to contribute to the discussion. The program included different workshops and cultural activities that encouraged the socialization of educational experiences produced by young people.

Among others items, the participants discussed “the participation and protagonism of teenagers in Institutional Practices”, a project prepared by the Research Group on Human Trafficking, Violence and Sexual Exploitation of Women, Children and Teenagers (Violes) from the University of Brasilia (UNB).

This seminar is part of the activities of the Campaign for Teenagers National Alliance Connected for a World Cup without Sexual Violence (ANA), which operates in virtual network since August 2012, with the objective of strengthening the role of teenagers in coping with sexual violence, marking their role as active actors in the process.

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