DCI-Belgium succeeds in case against Belgium

Defence for Children International-Belgium (DCI-Belgium) achieved a successful ruling in the collective complaint it filed against the Belgian State concerning the deficiencies in terms of care services for homeless foreign children. The Committee of Social Rights of the Council of Europe (ECSR) recognized that the situation for homeless foreign children in Belgium represents a violation of the right to special protection against physical and moral dangers, to health protection, and to social, legal and economic protection, enshrined in the revised European Social Charter.







For several years, the saturation of the care services network in Belgium has prevented foreign minors, accompanied or not, from having access to care services, not only including accommodation but also meals, schooling, clothing, medical assistance, social and psychological help as well as access to legal aid and to a daily allowance and training.

ECSR adopted the decision condemning the Belgian State on 23 October 2012, following the collective complaint filed by DCI-Belgium on 27 June 2011, in collaboration with AMO Right of young people Brussels Service (LDS) and the Platform Minors in Exile. It is expected that the Belgian State implements the decision of the European Committee of Social Rights by adopting a structural solution in terms of home.

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