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Since 2014, International Social Service (ISS) Australia has been the Australian section of DCI.  It continues to advance children’s rights, with a focus on the areas of:

  • raising the minimum age of criminal responsibility across all Australian jurisdictions to the CRC standard of 12 years
  • regulating international commercial surrogacy in accordance with the rights of the child
  • advocating for Australian ratification of the CRC-OP3 to allow individual communications concerning Australian breaches of the CRC
  • banning smacking and all forms of violence against children in all Australian settings

ISS/DCI Australia is a member of the End Child Detention Coalition, the international Ratify OP3 coalition, and Australia’s Child Rights Taskforce.  It also has a representative on the steering committee of the Child Rights Taskforce, the peak body bringing together over 100 child-focussed non-governmental organisations around Australia, which coordinates CRC shadow reports and collaborates on specific advocacy matters.

Current Activities

ISS Australia has developed an online training programme in child rights as a professional development resource for anyone working with children, or otherwise interested in child rights.  Taught in the medium of English, with tutor-moderated assessment, the course will be launched for a national and international audience in 2016, along with face-to-face training in child rights available in Melbourne.

We are developing DCI’s identity in Australia as ‘Child Rights Australia’, with a Twitter account and a website in development.  Child Rights Australia is intended as a one-stop online resource for information, resources, news, views, campaigning and advocacy on a wide range of child rights issues facing Australia.  It is due to be launched in 2016.

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